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Sheppard J., Dunn R.R., and A.A. Madden. Methods for the production of fermented beverages and other fermentation products. Provisional Application No. 62/162,379. May 15, 2015. **This patent and two yeast strains were licensed to Lachancea LLC in 2016.**


Madden, A.A., Boyden S.D.,** Soriano J.N.,** Corey T.B.,** Leff J.W., Fierer N., and P.T. Starks (2017) The emerging contribution of social wasps to grape rot disease ecology. PeerJ. 5:e3223; DOI 10.7717/peerj.3223

Madden, A.A., Barberan, A., Bertone M.A., Menninger H.L, Dunn, R.R., and N. Fierer (2016) The diversity of arthropods in homes across the United States as determined by environmental DNA analyses. Molecular Ecology. 25(24): 6214-6224. doi: 10.1111/mec.13900

Barberan, A., Hammer, T.J., Madden, A.A., and N. Fierer (2016) Microbes should be central to ecological education and outreach. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education. 17(1): 23-28.

Madden, A.A., Grassetti, A.,** Soriano, J.N.,** and P.T. Starks (2013) Actinomycetes with antimicrobial activity isolated from paper wasp nests. Environmental Entomology. 42(2): 703-710. 

Madden, A.A., Stchigel, A.M., Guarro, J., Sutton, D.A., and P.T. Starks (2012) Mucor nidicola sp. nov., a novel fungal species isolated from an invasive paper wasp nest. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 62(7): 1710-1714. (**Cover**) PDF

Madden, A.A., Davis, M.M., and P.T. Starks. (2010) First detailed report of brood parasitoidism in the invasive population of the paper wasp Polistes dominulus (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in North America. Insectes Sociaux. 57(3): 257-260.

Saporito, R.A., Donnelly, M.A., Madden, A.A., Garraffo, H.M., and T.F. Spande. (2009) Sex-related differences in alkaloid chemical defenses of the dendrobatid frog Oophaga pumilio from Cayo Nancy, Bocas del Toro, Panama. Journal of Natural Products. 73(3): 317-321.

Peoples, A.J., Zhang, Q., Millett, W.P., Rothfeder, M.T., Pescatore, B.C., Madden, A.A., Ling, L.L.,  Moore, C.M. (2008) Neocitreamicins I and II, novel antibiotics with activity against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin-resistant Enterococci. Journal of Antibiotics. 61(7):457-463. (**Cover**) PDF

** Undergraduate Co-authors

Technical Reports

Dunn RR, Grunden A, Matthews S, and AA Madden. 2017, The Contribution of Bacteria to Clothing Smell. For a Textile Industry Partner.

Madden AA. 2016. Food Fermentation Strategies. For a Food Industry Partner.

Madden AA. 2015. 3D Glass Printing and Honeybees. For MIT Mediated Matter Media Lab.

Madden AA. 2006-2007. Multiple reports on the biological activity of candidate chemicals. Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals.

Coming Soon!

Madden, A.A., Nichols L, Sheppard J, and R.R. Dunn (In Prep) Hacking nature’s pipeline: Wasps and bees as a predictable source of novel brewing yeasts. 
Madden et al. Microbiology of a social wasp invasion. 
Madden et al. The effect of chronic stress on the avian gut microbiome
Madden and Beasley et al. The nursery school microbiome


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