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What people are saying:

“Whether brewing better beer, discovering novel antibiotics or chronicling the lives of the microscopic creatures living in the dust under the couch, Anne Madden seeks to understand and utilize the microbial world around us.” –

“Anne Madden bends creatures to her will, with the deftness of a shepherd. But Madden is a microbe wrangler — her critters cover petri dishes. Rather than merely observe bacteria and fungi, Madden sees a community ready for work.” – PBS NewsHour, June 16, 2017

“Your dust bunnies, it seems, have some stories to tell. By examining the DNA in dust, researchers have shown that we share our houses with a legion of mysterious creatures. And they’ve created the first map showing their range across the US.” — Newsweek, November 22, 2016

“These days, her experiments are buzzing, as she takes microbes—yeast—from bees and convinces them to brew beer.” – Scientific American June 26, 2017

Consulting: MIT Media Labs – The Synthetic Apiary

Architect Magazine.

Consulting: Thermo Fisher Scientific – The DIY Gingerbread Marketing Campaign


Consulting: The Best Bees Company – HoneyDNA Product Line

Improper Bostonian, National Geographic (01/2018 print, 02/2018 online), featured in a TEDx talk by Noah Wilson-Rich available at

Research: Arthropods in Your Home – From a Swab of Dust

Newsweek (online and print)CBS News, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and Scientific American.

Research: Novel Yeasts for the Food, Beverages, and Biofuel Industries

Interview with the ‘beer team’ and me about fungi, our novel beers, and the awesomeness of the microbial world, within the larger documentary “The Kingdom”  produced by Smith&Nasht.

The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic (The Plate), Discovery Channel, News&Observer, PBS-NOVA, PBS News HourFoodandWine(FWx), Indy Week, North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC), All About Beer Magazine, Paste MagazineRaleigh & Company, CBS WNCN, Vice Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Interesting Engineering, NPRScientific American, and The Daily Beast.

Research: Sourdough Microbiology 

The Atlantic, Gastropod podcast, Bon Appetit Blog, The Microbial Menagerie, The BBC, Civil Eats, UNC-TV.

Personal Press

SMORE science magazine
Interview, Cover feature (April, 2020)

River of Suck, Podcast
(December, 2019)

The Joyful Microbe, Blog
(November, 2019)

The Disruptors, Podcast
(October, 2019)

Wellesley College Magazine
Interview , Cover feature (May, 2019)

The Native Society
Interview (April, 2018)

Canadian Broadcasting Company: The Current
Interview (April, 2018)

She Does the City
Interview (April, 2018)

Phi Beta Kappa: The Key Reporter
Interview (March, 2018)

DT Next
Interview (January, 2018)

The Heroine Collective
Interview (November, 2017)

Micrographia Today
Cover interview (April, 2015)

Improbable Research
2015 LFHCfS Woman of the Year” (January, 2015)
Before they were Scientists” Interview. (October, 2014)

Tufts Alma Matters
“Game-Changing Grants” Interview. (Fall, 2010)

Research: Novel Fungus from a Wasp Nest

Science Friday – Talking Science
“Discovering a New Fungus” (December, 2011)

Medicine Health News Medsante
E! Science News
Science Newsline
Science News Daily
Wild Biology
Sci Guru Science News
“Scientists Find a New Species of Fungus in a Wasp Nest” (November, 2011)

The Tufts Daily
“The Secret Life of Wasps” (November, 2011)

Tufts Now
“A New Fungus Among Us” (November, 2011)

Dr. Madden quotes in the press

Science (January 18, 2016) Re: Research on wasps and yeasts

New Scientist (January 18, 2016) Re: Research on home arthropods

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**((Photo credits are Alonso Nichols/Tufts University, AAM, Lauren Nichols/, AAM. Photos can only be used with permission))**