Popular Science Writing and Lesson Modules

A TED-ed lesson plan on microbial applications. TED.com

Sourdough for Science.” A lesson module on SciStarter.org and Studentdiscover.org

“Microbe powered Jack-o-lantern.” Github.com. 2019. @anneamadden

Making microbe-powered tea lights in 7 steps: An adventure in hacking.” Medium.com. 2019.

Barnacle Wisdom: Lessons from Barnacles for Adults in Transition.” Medium.com. 2018.

The Microscopic Alchemist.” PrimerStories.com. 2016. Co-written with Lea Shell.

Expected Errors: A post for any biologist who has ventured into the world of scripting.” blog post on the lab blog of Noah Fierer. 2015.

Lara Croft, Room Raider. Adventures in Exploring the Great Indoors.” blog post on the lab blog of Noah Fierer. 2015.

Bacteria Allow Woodrats to Eat Poison.” Reposted (and updated), on the American Society for Microbiology’s web blog “Small Things Considered.” 2014.

“Bacteria Allow Woodrats to Eat Poison.” Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Website. 2013.

Streptomyces” Invisible Wildlife Book Essay. 2014.


K-16 Mentoring for scientific illustrators and STEM students, 2008-14

Judge at Massachusetts State High School Science and Engineering Fair, May 2011

**((Photo Credits: Header: Smith&Nasht, NC Museum of Natural History, Joanne Arnold, Holly Menninger))**