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Whether brewing better beer, discovering novel antibiotics or chronicling the lives of the microscopic creatures living in the dust under the couch, Anne Madden seeks to understand and utilize the microbial world around us.” – TED.com

Anne Madden bends creatures to her will, with the deftness of a shepherd. But Madden is a microbe wrangler — her critters cover petri dishes. Rather than merely observe bacteria and fungi, Madden sees a community ready for work.” – PBS NewsHour

We are living in a microbiological cosmos.

Trillions of microorganisms are living in, on, and around us. While we often face this microbial reality with revulsion or fear, a closer examination reveals what microorganisms really are: the source of our greatest technology. Microorganisms are responsible for many of our life saving medications, new textiles, biotechnology tools, and some of our favorite foods and beverages.


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And all of these technologies come from just the few microorganism species we understand.

I am a microbial explorer.

My research focuses on understanding this mysterious microbial world–in insects, in our built environments, in our foods. Then I identify how these insights can fill market needs by translating findings into new applications.

I am a microbial wrangler.


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Broadly, I am one part microbial strategist, one part bioengineer. I explore environmental (‘wild’) bacteria and fungi to gain new insights. This has lead to patented brewing technology, licensed methods and material in the food and beverage industries, new tools for detecting biotic communities through DNA analyses, the identification of a new species, and novel antibiotics.

I find microbial solutions to human problems.

Scientifically, this means I search to find out what may be structuring microbial communities, seeking to understand what species are where, how they can be cultivated, and to decipher what they can do.


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I strive to make microorganisms valuable.

During this scientific process, I often get to share my enthusiasm for the wonders of the microbial world with the public through writing, workshops, and talks.

This is where our adventure begins.



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